As a team of KSP Capital we believe that any business should act responsibly, not only taking carefully weighed business decisions, but also decisions concerning the society, for which this business operates. Our companies meet all current legal requirements and offer their customers products and services, which ensure the growth of their prosperity and strengthening of their health. KSP Capital participates in events focused on vulnerable social groups support.


Today, when financial services are no longer limited to bank deposits, and the market offers a huge amount of new and mostly hard for comprehension products, taking measures to increase financial literacy is more relevant than ever. Having a high level of expertise on financial market and offering various services to all types of clients, we have to admit, that in most cases people cannot fully use the opportunities that the market offers them. This refers to everything: from loans and insurance to foreign exchange swaps and venture investments.

We strongly believe, that measures to increase financial literacy are now more relevant than ever. Aware of our responsibility and opportunities in terms of expertise, KSP Capital creates the portal of financial literacy, where we along with our colleagues and partners will share our knowledge, skills and tips with all categories of financial services users. This portal will become an indispensable service which will give answers to any finance related questions. Everyone could find there something useful: both a child and an elderly person; those who already have experience in investment, and those who are just embarking on it.

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