Sergey Kotlyarenko’s company acquired Waste Management JSC, this was another step towards a creation of a new group of companies working with municipal solid waste. This process began in 2014 with the Citymatic company, which acts as a carrier of municipal solid waste.

Waste Management JSC is the largest in Russia group of concession companies operating in the field of solid municipal waste management. The group is currently implementing eight concession agreements in six subjects of the Russian Federation: Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Murmansk, Chelyabinsk regions, the Chuvash Republic and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region. In four regions the companies of the group act as regional operators. More than 7 million people live in the territories covered by the activities of Waste Management JSC. The annual turnover of municipal solid waste is over 3 million tons per year.

Sergey Kotlyarenko, General Director of KSP Capital: “In my opinion, the industry of municipal solid waste, despite the fact that it is still at the stage of formation, is developing dynamically and in the long term opens up significant opportunities for investors. KSP Capital already has some experience of working with municipal solid waste, and the purchase of such a strong player as Waste Management JSC will become a new stage of our development in this area. “

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