The bargain for the sale of KSP Capital’s stake in CityAir is struck. Initiators of projects are the buyers.

KSP Capital acquired 50% of CityAir in 2018 at an early stage of development. Investments by KSP Capital led to create two generations of air monitoring stations and an information system for monitoring air quality with predictive analysis of the consequences of human activity. Moreover, the KSP Capital team provided a support to develop a rapid expansion of the company, form a management team and establish business processes.

The profitability of KSP Capital investments will significantly exceed the initially determined levels of investment profitability.

KSP Capital predicts the high potential of the CityAir project. The parties to the transaction also do not exclude the possibility of resuming cooperation.

Sergey Kotlyarenko, CEO of KSP Capital: «During the time we were working with CityAir, the KSP Capital team not only managed to bring the company to a new level of development, but also accumulated significant experience in this area, which we plan to scale to other investment projects in the coming years».
Dmitry Trubitsyn, co-founder of CityAir: «We seek to quite ambitious tasks, which will have a positive impact on people’s quality of lives over time. We are happy that we have managed to attract such a partner to the project and do not exclude the possibility of cooperation, inter alia on other projects.»

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