Jetclass is listed as top 10 dubai crunchbase

Jetclass ranked 5th among the most trending startups in Dubai, according to Chrunchbase. The ranking involved 287 organizations with headquarters in Dubai.

JetClass is a portfolio investment of KSP Capital. It is a tech-startup with the vision to merge business and commercial aviation and bring private jets to the masses. The service is based on an innovative big data technology that uses artificial intelligence to predict travel trends and schedule flights in accordance.

Bolshoy Savvinsky Lane 12, bldg. 5, Moscow, 1119435
Phone: +7 495 981 00 52

Большой Саввинский пер. 12, стр.5, Москва, 119435
Электронная почта:
Телефон: +7 495 981 00 52

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